Chiropractic Care for Effective Pain Relief

No long care plans or short visits. Real results for people with pain. We combine chiropractic care with disc decompression and get great results. Read our 5-star reviews at the bottom of the page.
Straight Up Spine and Posture is a Waukegan Chiropractic clinic with advanced
FDA cleared treatments for back pain, neck pain and headaches.

We provide so much more than just chiropractic adjustments. Our comprehensive rehabilitation programs are custom built to get you out of pain while correcting the underlying cause. 

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Our Services

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain and improve movement. We provide a variety of adjusting styles to fit you and your preferences.

Disc issues require special treatment. We are proud to provide FDA cleared disc decompression without drugs or surgery.

Tissue Work & Rehab

No time to visit multiple therapists? No problem! We provide stretching and exercise programs as well as skilled soft tissue work.

Posture Correction

Is poor posture leading to chronic tension and headaches? Our specialty FDA cleared treatments can restore your spinal alignment.

Take a quick tour of our chiropractic clinic and learn about our unique therapies: 

Hi, I'm Dr. Ryan Winslow.I believe the best way to treat the body is with multiple therapies. That's why I bring in therapies from Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Personal Trainers. I've seen the combination of these work better than just one or the other. I want to help you get out of pain fast, and then correct and strengthen your body, so you can stay healthy and avoid re-injury.

I also provide the best in computerized rehabilitation for tough disc injuries. I know from experience that these injuries will not simply heal without the proper therapies.

Don't waste another year hoping that things will fix themselves, come in for an exam, and I'll make a custom plan to get you pain free and stronger than ever. I would love to be your Waukegan Chiropractor!

Conditions We Treat

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Back Pain

Back pain can happen for many reasons. Our exams will determine what is causing the pain and we will make a treatment plan to correct it.

Neck Pain

We treat all types of neck pain from chronic pain to painful pinched nerves. Our posture correction programs can correct the cause.


Headaches & migraines can be major distractions, and even disabling. Even if you have had them for 10+ years, we can help.

 Sciatica & Disc

Sciatica is back pain that shoots into the leg may be accompanied by numbness. Our disc decompression can help.

Car Accidents

Do you have pain due to a car accident? We work with personal injury cases due to car accidents and whiplash.


We are scoliosis treatment experts. See us for a second opinion, corrective braces, pain control, and non-surgical treatments.

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Straight Up Spine and Posture is located inside the existing Winslow Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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